October 21, 2023

8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Food and Concessions

A new venue means new information regarding food and concessions!  Please see the information below and share with your team!

Food and Drink Rules

The Golisano Training Center permits food and beverages only in the hall outside the field and pit area and in the "Turf Area".

Note that this means no food or drink (except water) is allowed near the playing fields, in the pits, or in the viewing area or bleachers. 

Water is allowed in all areas and the building has water bottle filling stations and drinking fountains available for team use.

Eating Area

The Golisano Training Center will have a designated area for teams to gather and eat lunch or snacks.  This area has a "turf" floor that teams can gather in and eat lunches as a group.  This area will not have tables for team use so teams are encouraged to bring blankets and/or camping chairs for use during lunch.


Nazareth Catering will be operating a small concession stand during limited hours (11:00 am - 1:30 pm).  Pizza, hot dogs, prepackaged snacks, and bottled beverages will be available for purchase.

Please be aware the concession stand serving capacity and hours are limited!  Due to this we strongly encourage teams to use the pre-order option below!

A separate cafe facility, Millie's Cafe, on Nazareth campus but outside of the Golisano Training Center, is another "day of" option for food and beverages.  Do note that this is a decent walk on campus from the Ruckus venue.  Please visit their website for more information on hours and location.


Pre-order deadline has passed and pre-orders are now closed. For teams who already completed a pre-order, watch for an email with order pick-up time and other details.