October 29, 2016

8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Competition Rules

While we feel that FIRST has done a fantastic job with creating a rule book to satisfy every FIRST team, there are a few rule changes that we feel could enhance the game play at this off-season event.  The rule modifications which will be used at Ruckus are below.

In the rule modifications below, text that is underlined represents Ruckus-specific additions to an existing game rule.

There will be a drivers meeting Saturday morning where any questions can be asked to the head referee. Please refer to the 2016 FIRST Stronghold Rules for any rule clarifications first. Thank you!


*** Rule changes for 2016 are now finalized below!


Rule Modifications


Section The Defenses Category A is changed as follows:

DEFENSES Category A selections are a choice between the Portcullis and the is fixed to be the Cheval de Frise

Reasoning: The Portcullis is not being supplied as an available defense to off-season events due to safety concerns.


Section 5.5.10: Selecting Defenses is changed as follows:

Defenses will not be selected by teams. Defenses will be pre-assigned and fixed for each round of MATCHES. There will be no audience-based selection; the audience slot on the field will be pre-assigned as well. The set of pre-assigned defenses will be changed whenever an audience selection would normally be performed. The pre-assigned defenses will be provided to all teams with the qualification schedule Saturday morning. This applies to Qualification and Playoff matches.

Reasoning: Because Ruckus is a one-day event, we want to give teams as many plays as possible. Defense selection and the swapping and management of defenses between matches is a significant time sink.



Section 3.1.4: The STRENGTH of the TOWER at the start of the MATCH will be 10.

Reasoning: This is a non-change from the starting tower strength in the current revision of the rules, which was used at the 2016 FRC Championships. We point this out here for team clarity since the starting strength during the normal competition season, prior to the Championship event, was only 8.


Robot Weight

<R5> is changed as follows:

<R5> The ROBOT weight may not exceed 120 125 lbs.

Reasoning: Robots will be given a 5 lb. weight allowance beyond that allowed in the FIRST Stronghold official rules in acknowledgement that teams may have had to, or will need to, make repairs to their robot that may put them just over the weight limit. All other portions of this rule remain unchanged and in effect.